Kate Ayres

FUNNY THING ABOUT ME: I am the least spatially intelligent person I know! I get lost in my own neighborhood sometimes. 
WHAT PEOPLE DON'T KNOW ABOUT ME: I meditate daily. It gives me an expansive perspective and makes me a better human. 
FAVORITE CAMPING EXPERIENCE: Getting lost at Timothy Lake after a bike ride under the stars.
WHERE DID YOU GROW UP (if you have!): I'm an Oregon native who grew up in the west-side suburbs. The city is more my speed, though! 
FAVORITE BOOK AND WHY: I used to work for public libraries- I can't choose just one book!
MOST EMBARRASSING MOMENT: I am so not answering this question
I LOVE WORKING FOR THE RESTORE BECAUSE…:The best way to relieve tension is throwing things in the metal bin!


Clark County

Washington County