1931 Victor Electrola RE 45

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Isn't she lovely? A fabulous find at the Portland ReStore. Here's what we found online: 

"The RE-45 was a combination radio/phonograph set, designed and produced in 1929, just as RCA was preparing to purchase The Victor Talking Machine Company. The first units went on sale at just about the time the merger was complete, and thus may be considered "RCA Victor" products. Victor had usually relied on RCA to produce the radios in their radio/phonograph combinations, but the radio design and circuits were of a Victor design, and was considered to perform quite well. It was one of the last products to be engineered and produced by Victor. Both walnut and mahogany finishes were available.  Although inexpensive, these were remarkably good machines, and featured beautifully figured cabinets.

Approximately 108,000 RE-45's were produced in 1929 and 1930. It sold new for $275.00. Since the impact of The Depression was becoming significant by 1930, many units remained unsold by dealers, who continued to market these models well into the early 1930's at a significant discount off list price."

Just think of those vintage tunes that may have emanated from this electrola: Al Jolson, Bessie Smith, Louis Armstrong, Eddie Cantor, Maurice Chevalier...I can hear them now!

See this item at the Portland ReStore at 10445 SE Cherry Blossom Dr. Open 10am to 6pm 7 days a week.







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