AmeriCorps' Jaime Pericás: The questioning sort

One thing you need to know about Jaime Pericás is that he’s interested in asking questions. Perhaps that’s the norm for a philosophy student who has spent much of his life so far studying, analyzing and becoming a critical thinker.

Jaime is our new Salvage Service AmeriCorps deconstruction coordinator. He was born in Wisconsin, but grew up in Puerto Rico.

“I’m ethnically and socially from Puerto Rico,” he says. And it was from the University of Puerto Rico that Jamie received his BA in philosophy. Then, after being courted by the Central European University, Jaime moved to Budapest, Hungary to earn his masters in philosophy.

“My thesis was on suicide an self-sacrifice and the conceptual distinction of those two phenomena,” he adds.

Heavy stuff, that. But Jaime claims he’s generally a pretty relaxed sort of guy. That disposition has served him well in his adventures across the globe, including side trips to Poland, Slovakia and Croatia. And when his girlfriend accepted an AmeriCorps position with Habitat for Humanity Portland Metro East, Jaime readily agreed to the move.   It was she who tipped him off about an AmeriCorps opening on The ReStore’s Salvage Service team.

“Funny enough, if you look in a dictionary for deconstruction, the first definition you’re going to find is a philosophy one,” Jaime pointed out. “It’s a 20th century philosophy tradition.” (A serendipitous connection?)

Jaime spends his hours removing reusable materials, like light fixtures, cabinets, sinks and countertops that are then sold at The ReStore. He says he enjoys the manual labor.  “It’s very humbling. It’s one of the fundamental ways of working,” he explains.  

Away from the Salvage Service job site, you may catch Jaime reading, drawing, sketching or sculpting something abstract, but you’re just as likely to find him gaming. “I’m an aficionado of the game Netrunner and Game of Thrones,” he claims. “Game design is something I’ve been interested in.”

Ask him a question about THAT, and you could end up spending a pleasant afternoon together over a game of Settlers of Catan.





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