Thanh Nguyen has a plan. Crafted on a random piece of paper at a Habitat build site, this plan is his future...and it's a great one.

After a few years sampling a musician's life in Atlanta, New York and Chicago, Joseph Drushal found his way to Portland. What drew him here was its enthusiastic spirit of activism.

There's no doubting Jose Rodriguez's determination. He's been working diligently at the Portland ReStore since January, every night, Monday through Friday, and then at a Habitat build site most Saturdays in an effort to complete his required sweat equity hours.

One of the first things you'll notice about Raina Mills, our new store manager in Washington County, is how easy she is to talk to.  A Midwesterner by birth, her arrival in the Northwest almost 20 years ago took a route from Iowa to southern California.

It's sounds romantically trendy to house a Habitat ReStore in an old abandoned winery, but the way Brieana Weaver tells it, it was way more shabby than chic.

This Seth Bowersox, the Seth Bowersox who directs donations onto the receiving dock at the Washington County ReStore, is an artist, a thinker, an observer of life.

It was a friend who first turned Tracy Livie on to The ReStore. They had just bought furniture from the Washington County ReStore and they needed Tracy's advice.

"They were asking me about refinishing it, and they told me about how wonderful the store is," she said.

On the job a matter of a few weeks, Kris Donald was just catching her breath when she sat down for an interview.

"It's hard work," she sighed. "I've moved a million cabinets since I started three weeks ago. And I go home exhausted, but I go home feeling good about what I'm doing."

"I don't eat anything I can't identify," said Kate Ayres.

Here's a fresh face you should get to know. It belongs to Andrew Carlson, new assistant manager at the Clark County Habitat for Humanity Store.

"Customer service is my heart, and I love being with people!" said Petty Blake.

Every exclamation makes that pretty obvious, and it's what makes us thrilled to have Petty on our team.

UPDATE: Mike Lepley is now assistant manage at the Washington County ReStore!


What is success?

For Richard Johnson, the answer is simple: good health, being able to watch his kids grow up…and just being able to give his 12-year-old son a $20 allowance every two weeks.


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